Sophy Green, Chief Executive at Instant Neighbour said:“Covid-19对我们的服务提出了更大的需求。我们不得不适应我们的致力于最佳支持那些有需要的方式,同时确保我们的员工保持安全。Ineos的捐款将确保我们的服务持续顺利运行,并意味着那些需要我们支持的人将得到它。虽然这是一个非常不确定的时间,我们非常自豪我们的组织和社区如何共同努力帮助那些有需要的人。“

INEOS has given £10,000 in support of Aberdeen-based charity Instant Neighbour, through its international Community fund. This grant will help support the vital work the charity does in alleviating poverty so that people across the region can experience a better quality of life. The charity provides direct support through the provision of food parcels as well as practical assistance by offering paid employment and training opportunities.




  • 允许即时邻居保持开放状态,并继续操作他们的帮助热线。
  • Continue to update social media with information, as well as creating a leaflet to go into food parcels which will provide vital information on what help is available and how to keep safe.
  • 确保社区连接器团队可以直接与参加食品银行(练习社会疏散)提供建议的客户,倾听问题并提供支持。
  • Keep the continuation of Emergency Food Parcels. These parcels also provide toiletries and basic hygiene items, baby food, nappies and pet food, if needed.

Sophy Green, Chief Executive at Instant Neighbour said:“Covid-19对我们的服务提出了更大的需求。我们不得不适应我们的致力于最佳支持那些有需要的方式,同时确保我们的员工保持安全。The donation from INEOS will ensure the smooth running of our services and will mean those who need our support will get it. Whilst it has been a very uncertain time we are really proud how our organisation and the local community have pulled together to help those in need.”

The £1m INEOS Community Fund was established by INEOS Chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe in March 2020 in tandem with the company’s COVID-19 “Hands On” campaign, which set up new production lines to provide millions of bottles of free hand sanitiser per month to hospitals and frontline healthcare. To be eligible, Charities and Community Groups had to be nominated by INEOS employees from one of INEOS’ 183 sites which ensured support for ongoing vital work in their local communities at this particularly difficult time.

提名Ineos雇员Matthew Newbiggin表示,“即时邻居是社区一大堆重要组织,每年帮助超过15,000人。他们所做的工作对于帮助脆弱的社区群体以及Covid-19受到影响最多的人至关重要。我非常高兴ineos能够帮助他们继续他们所做的惊人工作。“