The Process Safety Management (PSM) Engineer oversees and supports the site PSM initiatives and ensures compliance to applicable process safety regulations. He/she oversees the Process Safety Management program, Management of Change (MOC) element, Process and Dust Hazard Analysis (PHA/DHA) systems, Incident Investigation, and Capital Projects Risk Assessments. The jobholder will drive resolution of PSM issues by interfacing with plant personnel, supporting Process Safety audits, and leading the INEOS 20 Safety and Behavioral Principles initiative.

英力士ABS是一个附属英力士Styrolution with both companies being wholly-owned by INEOS AG. The INEOS ABS manufacturing facility produces plastic polymers and is located in Addyston, OH, just outside of Cincinnati, OH. INEOS ABS produces a well-balanced portfolio of high quality products with a strong focus on specialty ABS. Its leading technology and application development platform is widely recognized in the industry, making it the provider of choice for customers requiring value-added properties such as color, toughness, durability, heat resistance and appearance.

Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • 制定和监督执行战术和战略计划,以提高流程安全管理绩效。
  • Create, develop, and improve existing PSM program elements to improve process safety, employee health and safety, and environmental compliance throughout the site.
  • Provide Process Safety trainings to employees, managers and external partners / contractors in order to increase safety awareness and support our safety culture
  • 与现场运营领导和工程师合作,以改造和优先考虑资本改进项目,以提高流程安全。
  • 领导并参与现场运营审核。
  • 参与本网站的准备和跟踪流程安全审计结果的关闭。
  • 执行季度内部PSM系统审核
  • Facilitate PHA’s, DHA’s, and LOPA’s for processes to meet both internal and external regulatory schedule requirements while providing the necessary documentation, completing management reviews and issuing reports to meet established deadlines.
  • 支持项目经理和网站团队,以提供作为项目执行的一部分所需的风险评估和PSM可交付成果。
  • 对新项目的引导安全性研究以及与现场工程师一起工作,以确保PHA,DHA和LOPA的有效性和一致性。
  • Support, provide oversight, and track closure of PHA/DHA/LOPA related action items to ensure timely completion and appropriate documentation.
  • 是MOC程序网守,以确保在更改实施并及时完成前和初始启动操作项之前完成
  • 根据变化的风险,根据需要,促进什么,哈皮普和洛卡研究
  • 为个人MOC业主提供支持,指导和监督,以确保可交付成果符合PSM计划要求
  • 批准MOC更改并确定改进机会
  • Support and provide oversight for Pre Start Up Safety Reviews (PSSR)
  • Provide incident investigation training to employees, managers, and external partners/contractors
  • Lead root cause analysis of process safety incidents and communicate findings
  • 跟踪事件调查完成,行动项目和调查结果
  • 向管理部门向网站和KPI报告每月事件调查
  • 分析内部和外部接近命中,救生规则违规,高潜力和其他事件,即立即和根本原因,以防止现场类似的发生。


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or technical field is required.
  • 3或更多年在化学工业中工作的经验或过程安全管理的同等经验
  • 过程安全管理计划/协议和熟悉PSM的14个要素的经验。
  • 质量和环境系统和法规的工作知识。
  • 安全系统和法规的工作知识。
  • Strong chemical process manufacturing knowledge and experience.
  • Working Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook.
  • 强大的组织和呈现技能。
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • 展示了解决问题的技巧。
  • 项目管理经验。
  • 作为团队成员有效地工作和互动。
  • 有效组织工作并使用可用资源。
  • 优秀的组织技能和解决问题定义和解决方案发展的系统方法。
  • 遵守管理行为安全性和过程安全的20个原则。

Physical and Visual Acuity Requirements and Environmental conditions:

  • 必须能够经常以适度的速度工作。
  • 必须能够偶尔坐,站立,走路,上升和下降楼梯,弯曲,弯腰,扭曲,以及在极端热或冷,高噪音水平超过85 dB,在高度,湿润/雾/烟雾周围,在潮湿或潮湿的行走或工作表面,化学品(丙烯腈,1,3-丁酰胺,苯乙烯单体,马来酸酐等)。
  • 必须能够提升和下降笼,转动阀门/扳手手柄,跪下/蹲伏,伸展肩部高度,达到或低于肩部高度,与振动工具合作,做狭窄的空间入口,在狭窄的宿舍工作,操作车辆,与自动化机械合作,并在过敏原(灰尘,乳胶等)上工作。
  • 必须能够在50%的时间内工作。必须与其他人合作50%的时间,全面呼吸器,SCBA或逃生空气包,穿钢鞋,安全眼镜,长袖,听力保护,秋季保护等PPE保证。
  • 必须能够抬起(在静止时推动和拉动努力)10-20磅。每天约1次,并携带(在行走时推动和拉动)10-20磅。每天大约2次。
  • Must have the ability to see written documents, computer screens and to adjust focus and to receive detailed information through oral communication, make discriminations in sound, and perceive the nature of sounds at normal speaking levels, with or without correction.
  • This position is considered a “safety critical job”, which requires for the employee to be always alert, able to concentrate on their task at hand, and not impaired by medications (prescription, non-prescription, illegal or legal substances including alcohol), or any other mental condition which adversely affects alertness, concentration, or judgment.
  • 必须在实际环境中实际上能够在现场环境中执行安全/ IH职责,包括佩戴呼吸系统保护。必须通过帖子提供物理和药物屏幕。

We offer the following comprehensive benefits package:医疗,牙科,视觉服务计划,401K与公司匹配+贡献,短期/长期残疾;医疗,灵活和依赖护理支出账户,包括生命和意外保险计划。

At INEOS Styrolution, we recognize success and reward your achievements. Our competitive salaries reflect both market conditions and the levels of skill and experience we require from our workforce to remain at the forefront of our industry. Individual contributions are recognized and rewarded through performance-related pay and bonuses. We support employees who are passionate for success, spirited, bold and motivated to tackle new challenges! Apply and join our team today!