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Anti-bribery and corruption policy


  • 不T TO ENGAGE in bribery or unethical inducements or payments (including "facilitation" or "grease" payments)
  • 在我们运作的所有国家的日常商业实践中遵守与反击贿赂和腐败有关的法律法规
  • TO DEVELOP and/or maintain within each of our business divisions programmes and internal controls that are proportionate to the risk of bribery and corruption faced by the relevant business
  • TO SUBJECT relevant procedures to ongoing risk assessment, monitoring and updating as appropriate in order to ensure they remain effective and valid in response to changing circumstances
  • TO SUPPORT directors and employees to take decisions that are in line with this policy and to encourage them to seek clarification and guidance in cases of doubt
  • 调查报告的疑似违规of law, policies and internal control procedures and subject any non-compliance to appropriate sanctions



Ineos Ltd的英国税务策略


This tax strategy applies to all UK taxes applicable to the UK subsidiary undertakings (the ‘UK Group’) of INEOS Ltd, the UK tax resident relevant body heading up the INEOS Group companies.


As a large multi-national organisation, with 34 different businesses and operations in 26 countries, the UK Group is exposed to a variety of tax risks:

  • Tax compliance and reporting risks including risks associated with compliance failures such as submission of late or inaccurate returns, the failure to submit claims and elections on time or where systems and processes are not robust enough to support tax compliance and reporting requirements.
  • Transactional risks being those risks associated with undertaking transactions without appropriate consideration of the potential tax consequences or where advice taken is not correctly implemented.
  • 许多纯粹财务风险的声誉风险,更广泛的影响税风险可能对我们与税务和其他当局,我们的客户和公众的关系。


Responsibility for the tax strategy and governance ultimately sits with the Chief Financial Officer with day to day responsibility sitting with the Group Head of Tax, who reports to the CFO.




Group Tax may seek external advice in relation to tax planning or areas of complexity or uncertainty.


The UK Group does not engage in artificial transactions the sole purpose of which is to reduce UK tax.

The UK Group will always be transparent with regards to any filing position taken where there may be uncertainty as to the application and interpretation of tax law.

Approach of the UK Group towards its dealings with HMRC

The UK Group is committed to openness and transparency in its approach to dealing with the Tax Authorities and complies with all relevant legal disclosure and approval requirements.