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Community & Natural Environment

We place great store in being a good and valued neighbour in all the communities around our sites.

It is part of our License to Operate and helps ensure the sustainability of both the communities and our operations.

We participate in many ways, from staff volunteering to support community causes through to sponsorship of local sports teams. We also proactively ensure that there are regular and open communications and discussions about the work we do and the products we make.

We work alongside schools and colleges in promoting science, technology and engineering. By bringing relevant experience to the school curriculum through site visits and ‘employees in the classroom’, we support and enhance the delivery of learning in schools. We want to help inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Just as internally we are strongly supportive of physical activity as a means of enhancing health and well-being, we support similar initiatives in the broader communities. We encourage employees and their families to participate, whether cycling, walking, swimming or running. With the help of our employees and others, we offer children in the age range 5-11 the opportunity to participate in“Go Run For Fun”organised fun runs. Over 330,000 children have already participated in more than 440 events globally. Alongside that, we support the Daily Mile Foundation, which has inspired over 3 million children and their teachers to run or jog for 15 minutes each day in nearly 12,000 schools and nurseries in 79 countries globally.

We also foster collaboration with neighbouring companies around our sites. For example, in Belgium, Lavéra (France), Grangemouth, Hull (UK) and Norway, we have developed strong industrial clusters. These bring together local businesses to share resources, infrastructure and utility services, and together we support community events.

Community and Natural Environment



Through our programmes, partnerships and philanthropic donation, INEOS supports a diverse range of health, education, conservation and grassroots sport initiatives.



We have an active interest in protection of the natural environment, and have several projects in place.

Covid Response

As a major company in a critical business sector, our response has been threefold.