• 新的Ineos牛津抗菌性抗菌研究所是在青霉素发育的出生地建立
  • 对现有抗生素的抗性可以说是世界上最大的医疗保健挑战,称为“沉默的大流行”
  • Ineos捐赠是英国最大的捐款之一,并创造了一个新的伙伴关系模式,以解决这一紧急的全球问题
  • 研究人员将寻求为动物和人类开发新的药物,以及促进我们拥有的抗生素的更负责任使用
  • 吉姆奥尼尔勋爵说,“这个新的研究所可能是全球AMR挑战需求的突破片刻”


ineos., one of the world’s largest manufacturing companies, and the University of Oxford are launching a new world-leading institute to combat the growing global issue of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), which currently causes an estimated 1.5 million excess deaths each year- and could cause over 10m deaths per year by 2050. Predicted to also create a global economic toll of $100 trillion by mid-century, it is arguably the greatest economic and healthcare challenge facing the world post-Covid.

它是细菌抗性,由过度使用和滥用抗生素引起的,这可以说起对全球群体的最广泛的威胁。随着细菌的发展来发展抵抗我们被授予的治疗,世界迅速耗尽了有效的抗生素。Without urgent collaborative action to prevent common microbes becoming multi-drug resistant (commonly known as ‘superbugs’), we could return to a world where taken-for-granted treatments such as chemotherapy and hip replacements could become too risky, childbirth becomes extremely dangerous, and even a basic scratch could kill.

抗菌耐的迅速发展is a natural process, exacerbated by significant overuse and misuse of antibiotics not only in human populations but especially in agriculture. Meanwhile, the field of new drug discovery has attracted insufficient scientific interest and funding in recent decades meaning no new antibiotics have been successfully developed since the 1980s.

The new INEOS Oxford Institute will benefit from the internationally outstanding facilities and expertise of Oxford University, which played the key role in the origin of antibiotics following Fleming and Oxford’s discovery and development of penicillin in the last century. The IOI will create collaborative and cross-disciplinary links across the sciences, and will be based between two sites in Oxford, linking the University’s Department of Chemistry with the new Life & Mind Building, which is currently under construction.

自20世纪40年代以来,延长抗生素的益处是自20世纪40年代以来的迫切新的药物开发,以及更好地管理我们的现有药物。很自然的是,造成疾病和感染的微生物逐渐发展,以逃避我们的治疗,但滥用抗生素 - 例如过度覆盖它们而没有完成完整的规定课程 - 大幅加速了这一过程。


Alongside its drug discovery work, the IOI intends to partner with other global leaders in the field of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) to raise awareness and promote responsible use of antimicrobial drugs. The academic team will contribute to research on the type and extent of drug resistant microbes across the world, and critically, will seek to attract and train the brightest minds in science to tackle this ‘silent pandemic’.

牛津大学副校长Louise Richardson教授说:“这是我们非常感激的奇妙礼物。它是公共和私人机构之间强大伙伴关系的另一个例子,以解决全球问题。牛津在抗生素早期发育中发挥了至关重要的作用,因此我们只适合我们在开发抗微生物抗性的溶液方面。“

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Chairman of INEOS said: “Innovative collaboration between industry, academia and government is now crucial to fight against AMR. INEOS in its 22 years has become the largest private company in the UK, delivering large-scale, ambitious technical projects with impactful results. We are excited to partner with one of the world’s leading research universities to accelerate progress in tackling this urgent global challenge.”

Ineos Oxford Institute顾问的Surgeon David Sweetnam表示:“对抗生素的细菌性抗性的不断增长的威胁是我们时代最高的问题之一。所有现代手术和癌症治疗依赖于使用有效抗生素。失去这个珍贵的礼物将发出返回前抗生素时代。我们现在有一个非常狭窄的机会窗口,在这种情况下改变课程并防止不可易于的是不可避免的。


Gatley of Gatley of Gatley 2016年领导了Cameron政府在AMR的更改报告的经济学家,并协调了这本书Superbugs: An Arms Race against Bacteria据说:“Ineos在化学品行业中取得的成功与牛津大学的伟大思想与合作科学家们的巨大思想有着非常有前途。这个新的研究所,应用重新投资利润的模型来推动该领域的进一步进步,可能是全球AMR挑战需求的突破片刻。“






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INEOS产品为拯救生命,提高健康和加强世界各地人民的标准做出了重大贡献。其业务生188金宝博手机官网产在许多商品制造中的原材料:从涂料到塑料,纺织品到技术,药物到手机的药物 - 通过ineos制造的化学品,几乎可以增强现代生活的各个方面。其设施提供了满足社会需求的原材料和产品。其科学创新也有助于走向较低的碳经济。它对从减少塑料废物以产生更多循环经济的一切,它也在发挥重要作用。

ineos.products play a vital role in medical and pharmaceutical sectors, supplying over 300 products, many of which are EU/US Pharmacopoeia and US FDA approved. INEOS directly responded to the Covid-19 pandemic this March by building 7 new production facilities in the UK, France, Germany and the United States to produce hand sanitizer with 75% ethanol as recommended by The World Health Organisation. Each facility has been supplying 1 million bottles per month for free to hospitals and frontline healthcare services across Europe and the USA during the pandemic peak, and will shortly be making the bottles available for retail to the general public.

INEOS目前可能是最着名的众所周知,目前在国际体育世界中的参与:它正在支持本AINALEIE和INEOS团队的目前的竞标将带回家36TH.美洲杯,沿着盖尔·格勒迪斯,英国的巡回赛赢得循环团队,拥有1/3rd.梅赛德斯amg petronas f1队的股份,也拥有足球俱乐部OGC漂亮和洛桑运动。

Sir Jim Ratcliffe(ineos创始人和主席)

Jim Ratcliffe爵士在2018年被戴士,为商业和投资提供服务。他是ineos的创始人和主席。他的公司在29个国家的194个地点雇用了26,000人,并且是世界上最大的50个业务,销售额为610亿美元。

吉姆爵士为Ineos Oxford Institute提供了Ineos联合创始人Andy Currie和John Reece。The trio have funded several initiatives in public health to date, such as backing childrens’ running programmes GO Run for Fun and The Daily Mile, funding a new wing at the UK’s Defence and Military Rehabilitation Centre, funding a childrens’ A&E at Southampton General Hospital and donating critical supplies of INEOS hand sanitizer to the front lines of the Covid pandemic.

David Sweetnam(Ioi Regod Advisor)

David Sweetnam comes from a family of surgeons, physicians and nurses, and he worked for over 30 years in the NHS as an Orthopaedic and Trauma surgeon. Appointed in 1998 as a Consultant at one of London’s major teaching hospitals, including ten years as Head of Department, he has worked closely as a surgeon for the armed forces as well as an examiner for the Royal Colleges and Chairman of the Newman Foundation Charity.

他作为外科医生的经验使他能够认识到对AMR紧急行动的必要性,并非最不重要的是,因为所有现代手术都在使用有效抗生素的使用。His family history of surgical practice over three generations has given him a unique perspective regarding the alarming reduction in the effectiveness of antibiotics since the inception of The NHS in 1948. The menace of resistant infections from ‘superbugs’ increases year on year and will only get worse if left unchecked.

It was through his peripheral role as surgical advisor to the INEOS sports portfolio that he first shared his insights on the urgency of acting on the AMR ‘silent pandemic’ with the INEOS board, which has ultimately led to the founding of the INEOS Oxford Institute for Antimicrobial Research.

The University of Oxford




Chris Schofield是牛津大学的有机化学负责人和皇家社会的研究员。他是一位有机化学教授和赫特福德学院的研究员。