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Products from the petrochemical industry are found everywhere and are essential to modern life, helping to keep people healthy, housed, transported and in touch.

We make products that are used in an vast array of applications:

  • 运输:在飞机,火车,卡车和汽车中使用时,可以保护和减轻体重的结构部件。油箱,保险杠,前照灯机组;轮胎;制动液,防冻剂和筛选液体;
  • Construction: Insulation; window frames; piping; protective paint; composites;
  • Packaging: Materials to keep food fresh and safe from contamination; liquid containers;
  • Communications and electronics: Smartphone casings and screens; circuit boards; headphones;
  • Textiles: Fibres and dyes for warm, comfortable and protective clothing; carpeting;
  • Paints and coatings: Paints used for decoration and protection, both inside and out, from buildings to cars, planes and infrastructure;
  • Medical industry: Chemicals used in making pharmaceuticals; insulin, antivirals, even eye drops and cement used in hip replacements;
  • Household products: Shower and bath soaps and gels; detergents and cleaning products; and
  • 能源:天然气运输管道;生物柴油;风turbine blades and lubricants for the turbines.

Over 80 per cent of petrochemicals are purchased by other businesses to convert by chemical reaction or moulding into products consumed by the general public. Only a minority of products - such as hand sanitisers, surface sprays and dispensers - are sold directly to the general public.



Acetic acid is one of the most versatile organic chemicals manufactured today with applications in almost every industry. Acetic Anhydride, a...


Products include ammonia sulphate, often used as a fertilised by the agricultural sector, along with other ammonium products.


Aromatics includes Metaxylene, Paraxylene and purified terephthalic acid. Its product applications range from soft drink bottles to packaging...

Base Chemicals

Base chemicals include ethylene, propylene, benzene and toluene, together with butadiene and butylenes, which form the basis of other products...

Caustic Soda

Caustic soda is a widely used industrial chemical which is used in pulp and paper, detergents, packaging, agriculture, environmental protection,...


Chlorine is used to purify drinking water among other things and can be used to produce other chemical products such as hydrochloric acid which...


Oxides include ethylene oxide and propylene oxide as well as their derivatives. Supplemented by norbornenes, oxo-alcohols and acetate esters.


Oligomers are products that are widely used to make detergents, lubricant additives, drilling fluids and a range of other products.


Nitriles includes acrylonitrile, which is used to make carbon fibre, acrylic clothing, soft toys and upholstery, together with acetonitrile and...


Phenol is an essential starting material for a wide range of applications in the electrical/electronics, automotive, construction and...


Pigments includes titanium dioxide and titanium chemical products, which are used to make familiar household products such as PVC windows, powder...


Solvents are used to dissolve solids and keep them in liquid form. Solvents appear in everyday life as, for example, adhesives, cosmetics and...

Sulphur Chemicals

Sulphur chemicals are used to dechlorinate water, as preservatives, in sanitizer and to make cleaning products and detergents.


PIA (purified isophthalic acid), TMA (trimellitic anhydride) and MAN (Maleic Anhydride) are chemical products used for a wide range of products,...


Styrenics products include styrene monomer, polystyrene, ABS and styrenic specialties.