INEOS launches Global consumer healthcare business with support from Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One team

  • INEOS has launched a new global healthcare business to be called INEOS Hygienics, to produce hospital grade hand gels, sanitiser sprays for hands and surfaces and sanitiser wipes, available for the home and to the public.
  • The INEOS Hygienics’ business was created during the pandemic when medical professionals desperately needed hand sanitiser and INEOS built six factories each in under ten days to produce millions of bottles to supply hospitals free of charge.
  • INEOS Hygienics is also supporting elite sports teams return to training and competition including six-time double world champions, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One team, Tour de France winners, Team INEOS, the British challenger for the America’s Cup, INEOS TEAM UK, and French League 1 side, OGC Nice.
  • 乔治·拉克利夫首席运营官ineos hygienics说,“Ineos Hygienics的推出是对抗Covid 19的另一步。世界将看待日常卫生,不断发展,许多人仍在努力购买医疗级凝胶和清洁剂。ineos产生最高品质的乙醇,我们很好地为这个新的世界展望提供了解决方案。“


新业务将连续ce a range of hospital grade hand gels, sanitiser sprays for hands and surfaces and sanitiser wipes, for retail sale, available for the home and to the public.

It will be headquartered in the UK and operate manufacturing plants at Newton Aycliffe in the UK, Herne in Germany, Etain in France and at Jacksonville and Neville Island in the USA.

George Ratcliffe, Chief Operating Officer of INEOS Hygienics, says, “To date, we’ve delivered more than four million bottles of sanitiser to hospitals around the world, bringing confidence to thousands of frontline medical staff and care providers. Now, we’re able to offer that same level of protection to the public. INEOS sanitiser products will now help us all to target viruses and bacteria with confidence at home, at work and beyond.”

INEOS have a long-standing history of producing the purest most effective sanitising agent, which is pharmaceutical grade alcohol. In contrast to other suppliers INEOS Hygienics will formulate its sanitisers with 75% alcohol as advised by The World Health Organization, The US FDA, and European health services. Nothing is added which is not needed to kill infection. This ensures that it is effective in eliminating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

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The launch of the INEOS Hygienics business is being announced at the British Grand Prix weekend and is supported by six-time double world champions, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team.

Toto Wolff, Team Principal & CEO of the Mercedes F1 team, is delighted to have the backing of INEOS Hygienics and to be back racing at Silverstone.

托托说, “It is fantastic that we’re back racing and it’s only possible due to the stringent protocol measures that are in place across sport, including team members prioritising hygiene. The INEOS Hygienics range of medical grade sanitisers is helping to protect the team, giving us confidence to get the job done at the factory and on the track. The innovation and adaptation that INEOS has demonstrated in its response to the pandemic have been impressive and we’re proud to be carrying the INEOS Hygienics name on the car at Silverstone and for the next races. ”

Other elite performance sports teams using INEOS Hygienics products include Sir Ben Ainslie’s America’s Cup team, INEOS TEAM UK, Patrick Vieira’s French League 1 side, OGC Nice, and Sir Dave Brailsford’s Tour de France winning cycle team, Team INEOS.

Team INEOS were actively involved in distributing INEOS hand gels to hospitals during the crisis and all still use the products to ensure cleanliness remains a top priority.

Sir Dave Brailsford says,“尽量减少可避免疾病的风险是运动成功的关键。因此,在过去十年中,ineos团队开发了一个独特的卫生计划,以保护我们的车手和员工。它现在对生活中的每个人都对每个人的每个人都变得至关重要 - 从体育和学校到工作场所和家庭。通过Ineos卫生和艺术品的状态,我们正在采取同样的专家知识,帮助公众抗击感染。“

INEOS is Europe’s largest producer of ultra-high purity ethanol and isopropyl alcohol (IPA) which are the two main ingredients used in sanitiser products. It is the only company in the world that can produce and supply this medical grade direct to consumers.


George Ratcliffe增加了,“COVID-19 has made everyone more aware of the importance of hygiene and the need for effective sanitising products. INEOS Hygienics is determined to ensure our products are available to meet the increased demand around the world. As a new and quickly evolving hygiene business, we will be able to meet the demands of both consumers and businesses as we all adapt to the new demands for hygiene against Corona and other viruses.”





基于酒精的消毒一直承认d by the scientific and medical communities as the simplest and most effective way of destroying both viruses and bacteria when soap and water is not readily available (ref 1). The viruses and bacteria do not build up resistance (ref 2), meaning that no matter how often you use it, the cleansing effect will be just as good. Even where soap and water is available, alcohol provides an additional deep clean of viruses and bacteria that is quick and convenient. Its use is standard procedure in health care environments and hospitals. And although the virus associated with Covid-19 is new, a study by Swiss and German scientists has already confirmed alcohol’s effectiveness at killing it [1](ref 3).

在我们的消毒剂的核心是我们自己的高纯度乙醇[2],在严格控制的条件下制造,以满足药物,医疗和其他应用的专业要求。我们的产品没有在许多农业来源中看到的杂质,并关注美国食品和药物管理局(FDA)(REF 4)。由于其高纯度,它已被用作药物级试剂,以纯化英国Covid-19测试程序中的RNA和DNA。

与许多供应商相比,我们与欧洲的世界卫生组织(REF 5),美国FDA和卫生服务所建议的,我们制定了75%的酒精的消毒剂手凝胶。这确保了消除99.9%的病毒和细菌是有效的。它还确保了,在使用后,它迅速蒸发,并留下手感干净干燥。

In responding to extraordinary circumstances, our first instinct was to supply the UK’s National Health Services and other European health services free of charge to see them through the peak. From project go-ahead to first deliveries took just 10 days. Now, with production ramped up and the initial peak of demand met, our sanitizer is available through a wide range of retailers. But we are not stopping there. Our bottles of hand gel will soon be followed by wipes and larger scale solutions for the workplace and homes.

Asthe world’s largest manufacturer of high purity synthetic ethanol, steeped in safety and operational excellence in a highly regulated environment, we are uniquely placed to assure our customers of continuity of supply and the highest levels of product quality. And, as a quickly evolving Hygiene business, we will be able to meet the demands of both consumers and businesses as we all adapt to the new demands for hygiene against corona and other viruses.


[1]通过使蛋白质变性并破坏其结构和活性的脂质或脂肪层依赖于其脂质或脂肪层(REF 6),醇解除细菌和病毒。重要的是,酒精假宿剂含有高浓度的酒精,以确保有效性。含有过低的醇浓度(例如小于60%)或过高的浓度(例如90%以上)的恶性化剂不太有效。



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